Killen’s Steakhouse, Pearland, Texas

Killen's Steakhouse Facade
Killen’s Steakhouse, 6425 W. Broadway, Pearland, TX 77581

There are many expensive steakhouses. Killen’s Steakhouse in Pearland, Texas is one of those, but, it has much going for it. In the “bring a bag of money” realm of high-priced steaks, Killen’s stands out. It has ambience and the service is above great.

If you eat there more than a few times, they will remember you. You are always treated as someone important, even the first time you visit. The waiters have been there for a long time. At least 2 of them have been there since 2006, when the original restaurant location opened. That is a long time for most restaurants. It is now in a nicer location, moving from sitting between a McCoy’s (think of a small Home Depot with farm supplies) and a used tire store (think “used tires”!).


The reviews for the new location have been superlative for the most part. There is an occasional mention of overcooked food or bad service. But the detractors are vastly outnumbered by the fans. Every restaurant (and your mom, by the way) gets it wrong, sometimes. But I’ve never seen them balk at correcting an error. It does require that the customer mention the problem.

Many of us would rather not make a stink. But, at nearly $110 per person or more, say something! The point of such an establishment is to give you a top experience. Killen’s wants your visit to be second to none. And, they mean it. There have been some growing pains moving from a 100-seat building (that was admittedly cozy) to a 375-seat space that has been bemoaned by Killen’s old-timers as not as intimate as “the old place”.


While the service is a reason to return, the food is the reason to go in the first place. Ronnie Killen claims to be the only steakhouse “in town” (he means Houston) serving Allen Brothers prime beef. He also offers more than one kind of Wagyu beef, one of a handful of special Japanese cattle breeds. Many say it is the best beef in the world.

Did you know there was even one kind of Wagyu? Strube Ranch Wagyu (East Texas), Cabassi Australian Wagyu, Japanses Wagyu are the locations Killen’s sources their Wagyu. Why so many (more than even one!?)? If you are a fanatic, and want to pay for it, you know. Find an image and see the marbling. That is the flavor and the tenderness. That is what the price is all about.

Wagyu Beef Marbling
Wagyu Beef Marbling

Killen’s also serves wet aged and dry aged beef., Again, if you are an aficionado, the dry aged intensifies the flavor. But, you knew that. We in the United States have been raised on wet aged beef. It tastes right to us. It gets to us the fastest, requiring the least aging. I still find it my preferred aging method. All the others are less-than-their-price difference better to me. The Wagyu is definitely something special, but not twice or more the price to me. But, go for it!

Besides beef, it that is not your thing, Killens’ provides several other entrée types that will tantalize and titillate as well. There is always snapper, bouillabaisse, chicken and shrimp. These are as tasty as the beef.

Get some sides. They are all enough for at least 2 diners. The Mac ‘n Cheese is a favorite. The cheese combination will tickle your fancy. The Sauteed Forest Mushrooms go well with any entrée. I really enjoy the creamed spinach.

Dessert is its own thing. I have never had anything like the Crème Broulee Bread Pudding anywhere else. It has won awards at the annual Houston Rodeo cook offs. That even brings out Houston’s best chefs to try to outdo each other. All are made in-house. If it seems like you would like it, you will.


Killen’s has a fantastic beer selection. He had special beer taps custom made for the bar. I prefer wine with my beef, but in the USA, beer is also popular with your meat.

Killen’s Steakhouse – Custom Tap Handles

I did not mention the wine list. This review is more about the food. You can explore their extensive wine list several places online (Zagat, for instance). Like all restaurants, their wine list changes over time. Vintages run out and quality can change, potentially every time you open a new bottle. I love wine, but it is something you should chase on your own.

Like an expensive (and great) steak? Bring a bag o’ money and eat at Killens’ Steakhouse!